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Kitting And Fulfillment Services

The Utmost Accuracy When And Where It Counts.

A Streamlined And Effective Process

Our kitting process is configured to meet your needs. Whether you’re a healthcare, pharmaceutical, or financial company with strict regulatory requirements, or a company that has other kitting and fulfillment needs, Safeguard by Innovative has the expertise and quality control processes in place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Experience You Can Count On

Every client and every project are different. What isn’t different are our standard procedures, including:

  • Internal project kick-off meetings
  • Kit build documentation
  • Quality control requirements

With team members who’ve worked in our fulfillment center for 15-20 years, you can rest assured our kitting and fulfillment services are assembled by professionals who demonstrate the utmost care and passion for their work.

From the custom assembly of sales kits and custom apparel bundles to healthcare and pharmaceutical products, our processes remain consistent, providing the reliability needed for your kitting projects, and ensuring accuracy in the process every time.

Precise Processes For Accuracy Every Time

We take the extra step to have a team lead create an initial kit for reference. This first kit acts as the standard that our production team adheres to and every first kit on a project is checked by our team lead for accuracy.

We strive for excellence in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

When items are picked for kitting, they’re weighed to confirm the correct amount has been pulled. We also conduct systematic quality control checks throughout the project.

Once the kitting process is complete, all products are counted and fulfillment stations are double-checked for materials. We also have fully integrated inventory and order management systems providing our teams with easy tracking and visibility of a project for the utmost accuracy.

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Custom Kitting Assembly

If you’re in the healthcare or pharmaceuticals space, you know just how important medical kitting is. Our expert teams are trained in the sensitive nature of these industries and all of our processes are compliant with customer requirements, including HIPAA.

We also know kits aren’t just limited to healthcare or pharma, and our hands-on, collaborative approach means we can perform kitting and fulfillment duties for any client who requires it.

We actively assemble kits with the following materials:

Have a kitting need you don’t see listed? Our creative and collaborative approach means the above list is far from exhaustive. So, get creative and think outside the box!

Looking for some promotional items to include in your kit? Check out a few suggestions below! Or, search for additional products using our Promotional Products Idea Generator.

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