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Leadership & Business Development Team

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

(Warren Bennis)

At Safeguard by Innovative, our leadership team is proactively involved in all aspects of our business. The leadership team leads by example, providing the vision, the guidance, and the support that empower each member of the team to make decisions that not only support our organizational goals but also support our customer’s goals.

Headshot of Drew Galvin, President and Co-owner of Safeguard by Innovative.

Drew Galvin

President & Co-Owner

Drew started his career with our company as a Production Coordinator in 2008. In this customer service and support role, Drew was responsible for driving all aspects of his customers’ projects: from quoting to obtaining ink and paper samples, from researching promo items to delivering kitted items, from managing press checks to reviewing personalization sign-offs. Working closely with our customers, our production facilities, and our supplier partners, Drew understood how crucial the details are in successfully delivering each project.

In 2015, Drew was promoted to Production Team Leader. In this role, Drew was instrumental in helping to cultivate and nurture the culture of Safeguard by Innovative: the culture of focusing on our customers while empowering team members. Under his leadership, both his team and the company grew. In 2017, a new opportunity presented itself – the opportunity to purchase the company for which he had worked for 9 years. The company, owned by Safeguard Business Systems – Deluxe Corporation, was going to be sold and operated as part of the Safeguard franchise network. So, in June 2017, Drew and colleague Jordan Hartline purchased the business and Drew took on another new role, the role of President of Safeguard by Innovative.

Today, as President of Safeguard by Innovative, Drew remains as customer-focused as he was when he began his career with the organization. Drew is also dedicated to and supportive of his employees. He works closely with his team, ensuring that best-in-class solutions are provided to our customers; however, he never loses sight of what makes us special, our culture of team member empowerment and our expertise that is second to none.

Drew and his wife have two active children. In his spare time, Drew enjoys golfing and cooking. His favorite pastimes, though, are attending his children’s sporting events, curling up on the sofa with his family for movie night, and cooking dinner together with his wife and kids.

Headshot of Jordan Hartline, CEO and Co-owner of Safeguard by Innovative.

Jordan Hartline

CEO & Co-Owner

Jordan began his career with our company in 2003, when he graduated from Ursinus College with a degree in Business Administration – Accounting and Finance. Jordan’s original position was that of fulfillment manager. In this role, his responsibilities included hiring and developing fulfillment personnel, estimating project costs, building project timelines, establishing and documenting best practices to streamline workflows, as well as developing quality control processes.

After several years of successfully building and leading the fulfillment department, Jordan received several promotions. The first promotion was to the position of Accounting Assistant where his responsibilities included reviewing and preparing the accounts receivable and accounts payable documents and having corresponding daily interactions with customers, vendors, and colleagues. Next, Jordan was promoted to the position of Finance Manager, with a promotion to Operations Manager following shortly thereafter. In these positions, Jordan expanded his skills outside the normal finance and accounting roles to include proposal writing, business development, and management of IT operations.

Then, in 2017 a new opportunity presented itself – the opportunity to purchase the company for which he had worked for 14 years. The company, owned by Safeguard Business Systems – Deluxe Corporation, was going to be sold and operated as part of the Safeguard franchise network. So, in June 2017, Jordan and colleague Drew Galvin purchased the business and Jordan took on yet another new role, the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safeguard by Innovative.

Today, along with his duties as CEO, Jordan oversees the operations side of the business, including the accounting, IT, and warehouse functions. Jordan enjoys getting involved in projects and working with his team to develop unique solutions that resolve customer’s pain points.

Jordan is married to his high school sweetheart. They have three children and a dog. In his free time, Jordan loves coaching his children’s baseball team and spending time with his family.

Headshot of Don Trevelino, Vice President of Business Development at Safeguard by Innovative.

Don Trevelino

VP Business Development

Don is a graduate of Montgomery County Community College. He holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Sales and Marketing Management. He is a member of several business organizations, including the Marketing Executives Group, the Food Packaging Professionals Group, and the Brand Packaging Group.

Don has been with our company, working in a sales and business development role, since 1991. His primary account focus is on developing and growing client relationships in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, and product packaging markets. Don’s sales territory is national.

What does Don enjoy most about working at Safeguard by Innovative? The family environment and having a team he can count on every day. Outside of work, Don enjoys gardening, golfing, cooking – with soups being his specialty, and watching college football (Penn State and Purdue). Don is married and has two children.

Headshot of Gil Rolon, Business Development Manager at Safeguard by Innovative.

Gil Rolon

Business Development Manager

Gil is a graduate of Lansdale School of Business. He holds a degree in Accounting Management. Gil is a past member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and he frequently consults with his customers regarding their international and culturally appropriate materials.

Gil started his career in the printing and advertising industry as a press operator. After running presses for 10 years, he became a print estimator. Then, after five years of print estimating, Gil transitioned to a sales/business development position and joined the Safeguard by Innovative team in 1997.

What does Gil enjoy most about working at Safeguard by Innovative? Collaborating with his internal team members, building relationships with his customers, and using his many years of experience to develop solutions that address our customers’ challenges. Gil is also a graduate of Bethany Bible Institute and has served as a prison chaplain since 1986. Outside of work, Gil enjoys biking and golfing with his wife. Gil has two sons and three grandchildren.

Headshot of Matthew Pearson, Director of Sales at Safeguard by Innovative.

Matthew Pearson

Director of Sales, Northeast

Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Matt joined our company in 2015, bringing 15 years of customer relations and business development experience with him.

Matt is dedicated to supporting our customers’ goals. He prides himself in providing creative, out-of-the box ideas to solve problems and drive results. Matt focuses on listening to clients to gain a clear understanding of the challenge at hand. His belief is that, through collaboration and solution-oriented thinking, we all will achieve more. Following these practices, Matt has become a trusted adviser to his customers in crafting comprehensive and measurable multi-channel marketing campaigns that include print, promotional items, apparel, and digital tools.

What does Matt enjoy most about working at Safeguard by Innovative? His co-workers and the opportunities he has had in working with our team – a team comprised of subject matter experts in the areas of commercial and specialty print, direct mail, eCommerce, promotional products, and fulfillment.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his family. Matt and his wife have two daughters and two dogs. Matt and his family enjoy hiking, playing softball or soccer, or enjoying a day at the beach together.

Headshot of Richard McNamara, Print Advisor in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Market at Safeguard by Innovative.

Richard McNamara

Print Advisor – Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Market

Rich holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University. He has over 30 years of business background in the printing industry, with a focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. Specifically, Rich has concentrated on the manufacturing of prescription inserts, folded cartons, and product labels – items that are strictly regulated by Federal Drug Administration guidelines and cGMPs.

In Rich’s specialized business market, there are several requirements for being successful. The first is being familiar with the industry’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The next requirement is having the ability to implement and maintain the highest levels of quality assurance. Finally, there is the requirement for having the sophisticated equipment capable of handling the intricate folding and finishing. So, in 2018, Rich joined the Safeguard by Innovative team – pairing his knowledge of the industry with our quality assurance practices and equipment – creating a very capable player in this specialized field.

Rich and his wife have been married for more than 30 years. They have six adult children. Rich’s family and his faith are the joys in his life.

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