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Branded Items For Events

Get Out There and Connect.

Give Them Something To Remember

We all crave connection, and one of the benefits of great branded items for events is the ability to build and foster a connected and engaged following.

More Than A Feeling

Whatever the event – whether it’s an industry-specific conference, community event, or networking party – finding the right promotional products helps you connect with potential customers or donors.

Create Connections

Promotional products are an integral component in any event marketing plan. They’re also one of the best ways to generate brand awareness for your business at an event. They help form a connection between your brand and the people interacting with it, and they give prospective customers something to remember you by long after the event is over.

Be The Brand They’ll Want To Remember

85% of people remember the name and logo of the business that gave them a branded item at an event. Studies also show consumers are almost 3 times as likely to have a favorable impression about your brand when you make a connection with them through giveaways like promotional products.

Are you wondering how to effectively market your brand at an event? Get someone to sport your brand after the fact! One of the greatest benefits of event promo items is the added exposure they provide after the event’s doors close.

Increase Your Exposure

When someone wears or uses your branded merchandise, you’re not just influencing that person – you’re influencing everyone around that person. Data shows that approximately 58% of consumers keep promotional items for one to four years, giving your brand many opportunities to connect with other prospects – all from just one branded item.

Next time you’re considering what event advertising ideas are most important to your brand, be sure to keep in mind the interaction and connection that branded items for events can foster.

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