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Pharmaceutical Marketing Services & Solutions

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Marketing That Makes A Difference

Navigating the sensitive industry of pharmaceuticals requires regulatory knowledge and experience. At Safeguard by Innovative, we’re equipped to offer you the products, print, and creative services that not only create a lasting impression, but also meet regulatory requirements. Our processes are efficient, effective, and able to withstand the scrutiny of a highly regulated industry.

Secure Enough For A Sensitive Industry

Safeguard by Innovative is subject to security and procedural audits by our clients. As a result, you can rest assured you’re partnering with a team who knows the industry’s intricacies.

From our physical office and climate-controlled warehouse down to our team’s personal equipment, we adhere to strict guidelines and regulatory precautions, such as disabling the USB ports on employee computers to ensure our work is compliant with strict customer requirements and HIPAA regulations.

Additionally, through our InnoSource eCommerce platform, you can also lock down your brand’s materials in one secure place. This allows you to store approved B2B and B2C templates, control access to documents, and track usage and budgets.

Take Care Of The People You Serve

We have access to hundreds of thousands of custom marketing items for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we have partnerships with international and domestic manufacturers. Our understanding of the industry and the resulting ability to apply this knowledge to cultural and market requirements make us leaders in this space, which means we help you help the people you serve.

A Global Reach

We know that pharmaceuticals and research organizations often operate in an event-driven space. By leveraging our global reach and partnering with plants all over the world, we can reduce the costs and the amount of time it takes to deliver materials to your business or organization’s event.

Our custom pharmaceutical marketing solutions cover everything from posters, brochures, and signage to branded items like stationery and business cards, kit boxes, patient kits, and custom packaging.

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