How To Build A Great New Employee Welcome Kit

By Drew Galvin on July 13, 2022

What’s the purpose of new employee welcome kits? To make your employees feel welcome, of course! But that’s not all — as a well-structured onboarding experience conveys a lot more about your company culture than you may think. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some branded merchandise and promotional products to put in new employee welcome kits, their benefits, and why they’re important for crafting the onboarding experience.

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Why You Need New Employee Welcome Kits

Before we dive into what to include in your new hire welcome kits, it’s important to take a look at why they’re important and worth putting the time into building.

According to research completed by Thinkwise, an effective onboarding experience can make or break a new hire — meaning it can help a new employee feel welcomed and motivated or break motivation in the initial 90 days. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), new employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program were 69% more likely to remain at a company for up to three years. New Hire Welcome Kits play a big role in this. 

Similarly, effective onboarding can spur employee retention by up to 82% and improve performance ratings by as much as 11%.

Note: At Safeguard by Innovative, we have thousands of promotional products and branded merchandise items. The below suggestions are far from exhaustive, but they’re a great place to start when you’re wondering what to include in a new hire welcome kit.

1. On-The-Go Necessities

From caffeinating to hydrating, everybody knows that America’s workforce – whether white or blue-collar – loves to have a drink in their hand or a snack to keep them going when they’re busy. Help your employees stay focused and healthy by gifting them with a branded item that’ll keep their drinks and food at the right temperature all day long.

  • Water bottle. A quality water bottle keeps your workers hydrated and encourages them to use less plastic. 
  • Thermos. Help your employees wake up, keep their coffee or tea warm, and show them that a morning pick-me-up fits right into the office atmosphere.
  • Insulated lunch bag. Looking to make it easier for your employees to eat their lunch in the office? A branded and insulated lunch bag is much more convenient than carrying multiple sets of plastic containers, and your employees will appreciate the cost-saving benefits of packing lunch every so often.

2. Branded Merchandise 

Everyone loves a good item of apparel. People enjoy sporting their favorite brands, movies, and sports teams. So why not give them a high-quality piece of branded merchandise so they can show off where they work with the confidence that they look good doing it?

  • Shirts and jackets. Your dress code can be communicated through the shirts and jackets you give out, regardless of whether they’re casual or formal. Focus on fit, feel, and design, and your employees will be more likely to wear them outside of work.
  • Sweatshirts. You work hard to make sure your employees are comfortable in their role, so do the same thing with their style! Everyone loves a good sweatshirt, and they’re a great option for an employee to keep in their office if you operate in a more casual work environment.
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3. Office Supplies 

Everyone knows the cliché of missing office supplies. But the main reason for this is because pens and notebooks are so important for everyday brainstorming and notetaking — everyone uses them. Foster organization and productivity from day one and your employees will thank you for it.

  • Highlighters. There’s a lot of important information to take in when you’re new to a job. Help your new employees prioritize what’s most important for their role with high-quality branded highlighters.

4. Tech Must-Haves

Tech gifts bode well in a digital world. Your employees will appreciate not having to go out of their way to purchase this gear for themselves.

  • Headphones. Some people like to listen to certain types of music to help them enter a flow state. Also, headphones are a great way for someone to engage in on-the-job learning tutorials if you operate in an open-office environment.
  • Phone charger. Simple but necessary, everyone can benefit from another phone charger, since a mobile phone charger only lasts about a year in near-perfect working condition.
  • Laptop case. If your new hires are using a laptop for remote work or at the office, keep it safe with a branded laptop case that looks and works great.
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5. Wellness Gifts

Highly-stressed individuals are less productive and more prone to burnout. Simple wellness items not only show you care about the entire well-being of your employees but also assist them in prioritizing their health.

  • Healthy snacks. Unhealthy eating is linked to a 66 percent decrease in productivity. Help your new employees avoid those pitfalls and feel accomplished at work by kicking off their new job with healthy snacks, while being mindful of possible food allergies.

The Benefits Of New Hire Welcome Kits

New employee gifts are great, but once they’re assembled in a new employee welcome kit the whole package really comes together to create a great experience. In fact, new employee welcome kits do more than just make an employee feel appreciated. Some of the specific benefits of new hire kits include:

  1. Stronger company culture and brand. Now is your opportunity to demonstrate what makes your company stand out. Make your employees feel at home with the gifts you give them. 
  1. Brand ambassadors. Turning an employee into someone who’s proud to be a part of your business can have lasting positive effects. New employees, surprised and excited about their new hire gifts, may take to social media (such as LinkedIn) to show their appreciation. All of this builds brand awareness and increases your company’s positive image.
  1. Increased employee retention. Employees are much more likely to stay at a company when they feel valued. Also, people outside of your organization may gravitate towards it when they see how much your employees care about their careers.
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At Safeguard by Innovative, we help you create memorable employee welcome kits to set the tone for your employees. Contact us for more information to get started.