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eCommerce Stores

Give Your Team And Your Customers What They Need, When They Need It.

Guarding Brand Guidelines

Our eCommerce store sites help protect the most important component of a business: brand integrity. When your team or your customers need to order products for any reason, it’s important to ensure brand guidelines are kept intact and unchanged to maximize brand consistency.

Easy Access

With our InnoSource eCommerce tool, you can sign on through a custom URL or a single sign-on through your internal intranet site. With a unique username and password supplied to each assigned user, we offer a secure system that makes it easy and safe for authorized users to access branded files.

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The Benefits Of InnoSource eCommerce Stores

Each of our InnoSource sites is built to match your specific needs. We conduct a discovery meeting to understand the types of functionality needed, and flesh out the look and feel to ensure a customized experience. This includes using your specified color palette and matching your preferred verbiage.

Typically, our clients use our InnoSource eCommerce stores to:

  • Provide convenient access for all employees, in all locations – national and international – to manage the marketing materials that are relevant to their location 24/7.
  • Control the marketing budget through the use of variable spending accounts and/or credit card purchasing.
  • Offer the ability to approve items or orders, allowing for additional controls of the brand and budget.
  • Create kits that are either static/predefined or include variable items.

We perform monthly maintenance releases on all of the sites we host to identify possible performance issues and address any requests placed in the project queue. We also have a quality control team that conducts random quality assurance reviews. When an issue is identified, fixes are conducted in a timely manner.

Access To The Information That Matters

Our eCommerce stores offer a host of real-time reporting options, with access to inventory, item activity, order status, and order detail reports.

This allows you to have access to site analytics and a graphical representation of core data points like number of orders, number of users, number of site logins, and more.

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