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We Thrive on Connections — Your Direct Mail Strategy Should, Too.

Welcome to DirectMail2.0.

When things work together — whether it be people or marketing strategies — the result is greater than a single-minded approach.

These connections build bridges.

They make a way for information to flow more effectively and efficiently.

That’s exactly why we offer DirectMail2.0.

How Does It Work?

What Is Direct Mail 2.0?

Through a process known as omni-channel marketing, DirectMail2.0 is designed to seamlessly track direct mail campaigns and utilize the power of digital marketing.

Ensuring your target audience sees your message on the platforms they use (including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network) keeps you relevant.

DirectMail2.0 allows you to better track direct mail campaigns and show your message to your target audience across a variety of platforms before and after they’ve received your direct mail pieces. 

It also maximizes tried and true marketing tactics like retargeting, data analytics, and call tracking by providing a strategic combination of different services in one package:

  • SocialMatch. Increase conversions by matching Facebook and Instagram accounts to your mailing list.
  • Mail Tracking. Know exactly when a direct mail campaign hits mailboxes, export delivery lists, and get real-time data.
  • Informed Delivery. Through Informed Delivery® integration, you can add an additional touchpoint through the USPS’s daily mail preview sent via email.
  • Call Tracking/Text Tracking. Record every call that comes in as a result of the direct mail campaign and capture the name, address, and demographic information of the caller.
  • Google Online Follow-up. If a prospect leaves your website without taking action, your ad will show across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and thousands of partner websites across the Internet.
  • Social Media Follow-up. Keep your ads in front of your target audience even when they’re scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.
  • LEADMatch. Get a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took.
  • YouTube Ads. Capture attention and cut through the clutter with dynamic video instream ads.
  • Discovery Ads. Use the power of discovery to serve ads across Google feed environments including the Google Discover feed, YouTube homepage, and the promotions tabs in Gmail.
  • Google Geotargeting. Reach qualified prospects in select locations, and ensure your ads reach people most likely to take action fast.
  • Social Media Geotargeting. Expand your advertising reach while still targeting qualified prospects by showing social media advertising in a user’s Facebook and Instagram feeds based on their location.

80% of Sales Are Made Between the 8th and 12th Contact.

Leveraging the key component of repetition helps you generate brand awareness, increase leads, and improve ROI — that’s why we offer DirectMail2.0 as an add-on to our direct mail services.

Allowing your audience the opportunity to interact with your message at multiple touch points through multiple channels keeps you top of mind. This means less of your marketing budget is spent on generic campaigns that get ignored.

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The Power of Repetition — That’s DirectMail2.0

We know blanketing neighborhoods with no real strategy will end with your message falling flat. Track direct mail campaigns in a better way and take it to the next level by increasing brand awareness and generating more responses.

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