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You’re Here for Direct Mail 2.0 — We’re Here for You.

Being Direct Isn’t About Being Blunt

— it’s about getting your point across.

But in order for your message to resonate, you have to say it enough for it to stick.

Your direct mail campaign needs more than a mass-blast strategy.

It needs an update from basic to 2.0.

In Case You Skipped the Video…

Direct Mail 2.0 is a comprehensive add-on that gives you the ability to show up where your audience lives — both at home and online.

Ensuring your target audience sees your message on the places they’re on (including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network) keeps you top of mind.

We do this by showing your message to your target audience across a variety of platforms before, during, and after they’ve received your direct mail pieces.

80% of Sales Are Made Between the 8th and 12th Contact.

Leveraging the key component of repetition helps you generate brand awareness, increase leads, and improve ROI

Allowing your audience the opportunity to interact with your message at multiple touch points through multiple channels keeps you top of mind, which means less of your marketing budget spent on generic campaigns that get ignored.

This integrated approach also allows you to track when a recipient has received the direct mail piece.

From there, you can track when they’ve completed an action (such as a website visit or phone call), allowing you to see just how effective your Direct Mail 2.0 campaign is in real time.

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The Power of Repetition — That’s Direct Mail 2.0

To learn more and receive special pricing on Direct Mail 2.0 (good for any direct mail campaign within the next six months), fill out the contact form below and a Safeguard by Innovative representative will be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime, download our Direct Mail 2.0 overview.

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