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Send the Right Message with Strategic Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising

You know the value of giving your target audience a way to see, hold, and connect to your brand. In a world where people are inundated online, a well-executed marketing message placed in the hands of your audience can find them in a moment when they have fewer distractions. Direct mail marketing is the clear solution.

But how do you find the time to do it all right and create a successful direct mail campaign? You and your team already have a full plate. Plus, if you don’t execute your plan well, that can reflect poorly and send the wrong message when it’s in the hands of your audience.

What you really need is one partner you can trust to work as an extension of your team. One partner who will bring in resources to both help you overcome internal limitations and meet tight deadlines.

The Power of One Team with Many Resources

An Extension of Your Team & Capabilities

At Safeguard by Innovative, we take time to learn about you and your business first, then we offer turnkey, strategic solutions to help make your direct mail marketing and advertising efficient and successful. We also bring our nationwide resources to the table to do it all from start to finish, so you don’t need to go through the time and hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors.


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Craft a Message That Actually Travels

Reach Your Target Audience with Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising

Digital outreach is important, but if it’s your brand’s sole touchpoint it’s easy for your audience to miss in their inbox or online. The power of print is that it can find your recipient at just the right time when distractions are minimal and they have a moment to actually consider your message.

How We Support Your Direct Mail Outreach

While creating a captivating design for your bulk direct mail marketing is important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle to make your campaign successful. Our team digs in deeper to offer you a suite of comprehensive direct mail solutions including:

  • Award-winning creative services
  • Effective copywriting & skilled proofreading
  • Accomplished account management team
  • Expert knowledge of print production processes & requirements
  • Extensive printing & bindery equipment and options
  • Experienced in list management and data processing
  • Knowledgeable in postal processing and mailing requirements
  • Comprehensive fulfillment, lettershop, & mailing services
  • Expansive warehouse facility, including proficient hand-assembly department

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How Do They Picture Your Brand?

Make Sure Your Marketing Brings Your Brand to Life

Your marketing shouldn’t just be designed to read. It should be something your target audience can touch, connect with, and feel. Otherwise, you’re only leveraging a 2D experience, which can fall flat.

Our team works with you to figure out the right pieces that can capture your audience’s senses and engage them. Whether it’s the premium feel of the direct mail cardstock or the eye-catching colors of ink on the page.


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