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Set Your Image in Stone

Solidify Your Marketing with Custom Business Branded Promotional Products

Whether it’s from a trade show or event, or simply a gift in the mail, the memory of receiving a free gift sticks with your target audience. From apparel to a pen kept at hand to notes or an insulated water bottle that follows them in their travels, your brand comes to mind each time they use it.

Custom Business Branded Merchandise For Every Occasion

A promotional marketing program is great for recognizing and rewarding employees, fostering goodwill among clients, or showing appreciation for business partners. It’s also an effective tool for creating brand awareness outside the walls of your business and generating interest in your company. However, promotional marketing is only successful when you choose items your stakeholders will value.

Our team has access to over 700,000 branded merchandise items, but it’s about more than taking your order. We work with you to identify the right options for your budget and participants, so you avoid handing out an item that accidentally leads to a negative brand experience.

Among Our Many Promotional Offerings You’ll Find:

  • Apparel programs
  • Branded bags
  • Gift or themed packages
  • Customized awards
  • Food & beverage gifts
  • Employee wellness items
  • Computer & office accessories
  • High end, luxury gifts


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Enjoy Efficiency with an eCommerce Promotional Site

You have a lot of responsibilities that require focus and our team is here to make sure coordinating your promotional items isn’t one of them. Safeguard can build a branded eCommerce site so your internal teams have the autonomy to order the exact promotional items they need.

Plus, the site allows you to set different permissions for upper management and put spending caps in place as well, so your marketing standards and budget are never compromised. This also takes the pressure of having to manually track it all off your plate.

How Do They Picture Your Brand?

Make Sure Your Promotional Products Bring Your Advertising & Marketing to Life

Your marketing shouldn’t just be designed to read. It should be something your target audience can touch, connect with, and feel. Otherwise, you’re only leveraging a 2D experience, which can fall flat.

Our team works with you to figure out the right pieces that can capture your audience’s senses and engage them. Whether it’s the premium feel of a custom polo or the smooth ink from a premium pen – it all makes your message much more memorable. 

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